The Novadia philosophy

Our staff are attentive, committed and motivated, providing professional and personalised care and support each and every day. They are dedicated to upholding our core values: passion, kindness and devotion.

Medical care is provided by a multi-disciplinary team, consisting of a lead physician, a matron, physiotherapists, an occupational therapist and trained and qualified care workers.


Each and every one of our staff has a kind and attentive approach, and is dedicated to ensuring that our residents’ needs, preferences and tastes are catered for.

These preferences and tastes are reflected in daily activity programmes, featuring fun and cultural activities arranged by our occupational therapist.


Our homes are built to provide both private and spacious, communal areas that are brightly lit and offer plenty of visibility.

The dining room, cafeteria and lounges are designed to promote socialisation between residents.

We firmly believe in providing the highest quality cuisine in our homes. Our catering team prepares a delicious and varied selection of dishes each and every day.

We are committed to providing a respectful, sociable environment in which residents enjoy an excellent quality of life and well-being.

The Novadia Management Team


Bernard Van Renterghem
Bernard Van Renterghem
Chris Vu Ngoc Viet
Chris Vu Ngoc Viet

Our day-to-day commitments:

  • To provide a bright, calm environment for our residents
  • To help residents get around and encourage socialisationboth within and outside the home
  • To respect theprivacy, preferences and lifestyles of our residents 
  • To welcome residents’ friends and family
  • To serve delicious cuisinein a sociable, communal environment
  • To provide personalised medical careto support residents’ well-being
  • To offer a varied range of suitable daily activities