Admission application

Documentation to be completed

  • The agreement, house rules and inventory of fixtures
  • The medical questionnaire (which will only be seen by the home’s lead physician), which must be completed by a doctor, along with a Katz Index of Independence. If you are living at home, this will be completed by your GP. If you are currently hospitalised, it will be completed by the hospital’s physician.
  • The future resident information record, provided by the care home.

Admission fees

€500 deposit for short stays, which will be deducted from the first bill.

Documentation to be provided

Administrative documents:

  • Administrative record (administrative information about the resident)
  • Photocopy of an identity document
  • Health insurance labels
  • Photocopy of personal third-party liability insurance (optional)
  • Two passport photos

 Medical documents (confidential):

  • Medical record: assessment of GP or physician at health establishment of origin, plus Katz Index
  • Most recent prescriptions
  • The handover file from the health establishment of origin

If applicable:

  • Photocopy of the adult protection order
  • Photocopy of the funeral agreement