Claire JOCHMANS – Azalées’ Resident

“Before I retired, I was a schoolteacher. I lived in Zaire.

I think a successful life it is all about parents, they shall understand each other and understand their children’s aspirations. My father was a superintendent. He provided me important values : order, punctuality and sense of duty.

I have decided to come for a short-term stay. In this way, I can see if I can plan to come for a permanent stay. I am here since the beginning of this month. I feel at home there. I would gladly recommand this home, the staff members are pleasant, attentive, and always tell us kind words.

We leave a “home” to come here. We gladly do it but we have to feel good. I particulary appreciate the architectural quality of Azalées, its fitting and its tasteful decoration. An other important thing is I feel secured here.”