Marie-Hélène SHEPMANS – Acacias Resident

“I joined the Acacias Care home on the 4.12.18 in a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Received by the Director and a warm and smiling staff, I am delighted to the highest point.
And what to say about my room completely renovated with the finest taste! Everything here breathes life in this community house and I’m going to enjoy it a lot even if I will not have enough time to participate in the many activities offered.
In addition, the care home’s situation is perfect. Close to small shops and public transport, it is easy to go out for some small shopping.
Anyway, I drop my bags at the Acacias ‘s Care home with confidence and hope. Let’s hope it’s for a very long time.”

Claire JOCHMANS – Azalées’ Resident

“Before I retired, I was a schoolteacher. I lived in Zaire.

I think a successful life it is all about parents, they shall understand each other and understand their children’s aspirations. My father was a superintendent. He provided me important values : order, punctuality and sense of duty.

I have decided to come for a short-term stay. In this way, I can see if I can plan to come for a permanent stay. I am here since the beginning of this month. I feel at home there. I would gladly recommand this home, the staff members are pleasant, attentive, and always tell us kind words.

We leave a “home” to come here. We gladly do it but we have to feel good. I particulary appreciate the architectural quality of Azalées, its fitting and its tasteful decoration. An other important thing is I feel secured here.”

Constant VAN WEVERBEUGH – Azalées’ Resident

« I was involved in municipal politics before. I have always worked a lot and I have never been married.

I have known the group for 7 years. Before I came in the Azalées’ Retirement Home, I was in the Heysel one. As I have no family, I am alone, but I always see people here. It is such a wonderful place ! It is like a hotel but we can come with our own furnitures.

I really enjoy to live here, meals are excellent, the staff members are caring and respectful. As I am autonomous, my personal time is according to my wishes, and sometimes I assist to the activities suggested by the ergotherapist. I am just felling good. »

Riet MAES – Azalées’ Resident

“I have spent a lot of time to study, I loved doing that. I read modern languages at university, learnt how to cook, and studied homeopathy for 6 years.  I worked as a nurse in a hospital.

The most important thing in life is to be happy and expect nothing from anybody, do what you want. I had a happy youth though I spent 10 years with the Sisters. I was a bit of rebel at that time.

I have decided to come at the Azalées Rest and Care Home when the establishment opened. I am happy here, I want to stay here for the rest of my life.  I often invite my friends, neighbours, and family to come here and note the quality of the house.”