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Claire JOCHMANS – Azalées’ Resident

“Before I retired, I was a schoolteacher. I lived in Zaire. I think a successful life it is all about parents, they shall understand each other and understand their children’s aspirations. My father was a superintendent. He provided me important values : order, punctuality and sense of duty. I have decided to come for a […]

Constant VAN WEVERBEUGH – Azalées’ Resident

« I was involved in municipal politics before. I have always worked a lot and I have never been married. I have known the group for 7 years. Before I came in the Azalées’ Retirement Home, I was in the Heysel one. As I have no family, I am alone, but I always see people […]

Riet MAES – Azalées’ Resident

“I have spent a lot of time to study, I loved doing that. I read modern languages at university, learnt how to cook, and studied homeopathy for 6 years.  I worked as a nurse in a hospital. The most important thing in life is to be happy and expect nothing from anybody, do what you want. […]